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I'm Jill Knowles, an Advanced motorist since 1989 and a Qualified ADI since July 2017.

Jill is married with a family and has lives in Aylesbury. She is passionate about learning new skills and passing knowledge on to others to empower them to improve their abilities and confidence. The driving lessons she provides are relaxed and friendly, yet structured, focused and supportive.There are moments for a bit of a giggle to, as learning has to be fun.She loves driving and is enthusiastic about teaching other drivers safe road craft skills. She has a wealth of knowledge and is constantly seeking to improve herself so she can pass the learning on to others.

Jill is an experienced driver, passing her test first time in 1983. She took the Institute of Advanced Motorists advanced driving test in 1989 and passed first time. She is a registered DVSA Approved Driving Instructor.

Before Becoming a Driving Instructor Jill worked for the Police Authority, the Local Authority, and then a Parish Council. In her spare time she has worked as a Pilates Practitioner, Fitness Instructor, Childminder, a Holistic Therapist, a Wedding Photographer, and used to teach fitness, anatomy and physiology to Adult Education students. She also volunteered at the local St John Ambulance for 3 years teaching first aid to 7-11 year olds.

She is regarded by her family, friends and colleagues to be caring, patient, loyal, a good listener, very practical, hard working, knowledgeable, and very tall.

Jill tailors your driving lesson to suit your needs and educational requirements. Lessons can be taken hourly, two hourly, or intensively. Lessons can be paid in a block, or as you go; either in cash, by cheque or bank transfer.

Lessons are always about the pupil, and paced for individual needs and ability to learn. Road craft skills are taught to high standard empowering learners’ to negotiate the complexity of most driving situations safely and independently. Whether you are just learning to drive, looking to polish up your driving skills, or improve confidence Jill Knowles Driving has something to offer. She also advocates refreshing your driving skills regularly to ensure proactive and safe road craft skills for life.

Our business is teaching people of all ages to drive.

Whether you are seventeen and wanting to learn to drive, just passed your test, or if you are an experienced driver, we have a programme to suit all your requirements.

Why Jill Knowles Driving?

Flexible Lessons to suit you


Perfect for learners - you must have a valid provisional license


Suitable for newly qualified drivers wanting to gain more skills


These lessons are great if you haven't been behind the wheel for a while

Brilliant instructor, helped me pass first time. Always a good calm environment where I felt comfortable and confident to drive. Not only did she teach me to pass but she taught me how to be a good driver. 100% recommend!

Jodie White

Prices start from

Only £38 per 1 hour lesson

1 Lesson


per lesson
Most popular

20 Lessons


£35 per lesson

10 lessons


£36.50 per lesson

Where Jill Knowles Driving is based?

Ayelsebury and surrounding areas

Jill Knowles Driving geographically covers the Aylesbury and surrounding local areas, and further afield if required. Please contact Jill for further information.

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